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CELUG Co-Located Conference at DAC 2018

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This year’s CELUG Co-Located Conference at DAC will be held in conjunction with the Design Infrastructure Alley.  The Design-on-Cloud Pavilion located on the showroom floor will house all of the public talks, and we encourage anyone who wants to give a license specific talk on this stage.

However, there will be more sensitive topics such as roadmaps which are not as appropriate for the Design-on-Cloud Pavilion.  For those talks, we will be reserving a room on Tuesday, June 26.  While admission to the Design Infrastructure Alley will be covered by the “I Love DAC” free registration, the private CELUG presentations will require you to register as usual for the CELUG Co-Located Conference on the DAC site.  There will be a nominal fee for this, though it will be far less than what has been charged in the past.

There are slots available for CELUG Member Presentations!  The first preference is for them to be on the Design-on-Cloud Pavilion on the show floor, but if you are presenting on a topic that is not meant for a broad audience, the private room is an option as well.  Submit your abstracts for papers on the DAC site.

At this point, we have the following confirmed speakers for the CELUG private meeting room.

Julie Lesko / Steve DelAnsysAnsys License Roadmap
Sashi SubramanianCadenceCadence License Roadmap
Daniel GaleckiFlexeraFNMEA Roadmap
Matthew DunkleyFlexeraFNP Roadmap
Eric RaffiThe MathworksMathworks License Roadmap
Bela KirchbergerMentor GraphicsMentor License Roadmap
Rajendra KundapurSynopsysSCL Roadmap


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