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Exhibitors at the Design Infrastructure Alley at DAC 2018!

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This year’s DAC will have the Design Infrastructure Alley, a section of DAC devoted to the infrastructure required to design chips and systems.  The premise for the DIA is pretty simple:

Every year we get together at DAC to talk about new tools and new methods to create more complex chips and systems.  But we never talk about the infrastructure needed to use these new methods and tools.  The Design Infrastructure Alley bridges the gap between potential and execution and allows IT Professionals, Engineers and EDA Suppliers to have a conversation about how best to enable Design.

In support of this vision, I’m excited to share with you the list of suppliers who have already signed up for exhibition space in the DIA.  There are several more “in the pipeline” who I can’t mention quite yet, but when we get them, this page will be updated!

SupplierFocus Area(s)Website
Altair (Formerly RTDA)Grid Computing,
Amazon Web ServicesCloud
CadenceGrid Computing,
IBMGrid Computing
MetricsGrid Computing,
PalPilot InternationalGrid Computing,
Pure StorageStorage ManagementPure Storage
Six Nines ITCloud
Univa CorporationGrid

We are also working on panel sessions which you will not want to miss.  Have a topic you’d like to present?  Submit your abstract at this link!

Be sure to join us at DAC in San Francisco from June 24-28.  You will be able to get access to the Design Infrastructure Alley simply by registering using the “I Love DAC” promotion which gives you access to the show floor!

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