CELUG History

Dan Griffith, one of the original CELUG members, recently offered this insight into the founding of CELUG in 2003.


This is what I know.  I was approached by Richard Wilson of Honeywell at SoftSummit in October of 2002.   Richard suggested that we form an enterprise user group.  I thought it was a great idea.   At lunch, he and I talked about it with Ron Ellis of Northrop Grumman.  He was in.   The three of us decided to move forward with the idea.  We gathered names and numbers at SoftSummit and came up with a name, CELUG.
Since Richard had the original idea, we all agreed Richard should be the 1st president.  With that we started contacting potential members. In January of 2003, CELUG was officially born and we had the 1st conference call.
I am not sure who built the 1st website, but I do remember that Ray Embry of my Freescale team managed the hosting of it for the first couple years.  He may have built it.   I don’t think it has changed much in 10 years. (Update:  The website has been substantially upgraded as of March, 2015).
2003 – 2004 Richard Wilson, Honeywell
2004 – 2005 Dan Griffith, Motorola
2006 – 2007 Ron Ellis, Northrop Grumman
2007 – 2014 Lee Levenson, various
2015 – Present Derek Magill, Qualcomm
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