CELUG Mission Statement

The Mission of CELUG is to facilitate collaboration among companies who administer software licensing at the enterprise level, enable sharing of best practices and experiences, and partner with software publishers to improve software license management tools and processes.

We accomplish this goal primarily through three mechanisms:

The CELUG Email List

This is the primary means of communication for most members.  Members can pose questions or offer insight proactively at any time.  Membership to the mail list requires approval, please see the membership page for instructions on how to join.  Unfortunately, the email list is NOT connected to your website login information, so signing up on the web site will not sign you up for the list.

Monthly Teleconferences

CELUG meetings happen the first Wednesday of the month at 8:00 AM Pacific time.  In these meetings, suppliers will give presentations on their offerings, members will present on tools or techniques they use to be more effective or sometimes it is simply a round table.  Invitations to these meetings are distributed via the email list, so membership on the email list will get you invited to the meetings.

The CELUG Co-Located Conference at DAC

Once a year at the Design Automation Conference, CELUG holds a conference in partnership with the Electronic System Design Alliance (ESDA, formerly the Electronic Design Automation Consortium, or EDAC).  It offers one of the only opportunities for licensing professionals, software suppliers and license technology suppliers to come together face to face and discuss where the industry is going.  Up to date information on the overall DAC conference can be found on the DAC website.

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