• Who’s allowed to become a member of CELUG, and how can I apply?  

Click the “Membership” link on the left for details.  

  • How is CELUG organized?

CELUG meets once monthly via phone conference to discuss licensing issues, view presentations from SW vendors, etc.  Details regarding the date/time of the monthly meetings are distributed to the members-only mailing list a week prior to each meeting.  A steering committee guides the general direction of the user group and meets regularly to plan upcoming meetings, discuss maintenance needs for the mailing lists and web sites, etc.

  • How can I get more information about CELUG?

Feel free to contact the CELUG steering committee at any time for more information.

  • I’ve created an account on the website, why am I not getting list emails?

Unfortunately, the email list is not connected with the website.  In order to get on the mailing list, you’ll need to follow the instructions here:  http://www.celug.com/wp/celug-information/membership/

  • Is there a way to view the email list archives?

Yes!  The email archives go all the way back to 2005 and you can find them here:  http://celug.com/mailman/private/members_celug.com

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