Exhibitors at the Design Infrastructure Alley at DAC 2018!

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Hot Off the Presses!

This year’s DAC will have the Design Infrastructure Alley, a section of DAC devoted to the infrastructure required to design chips and systems.  The premise for the DIA is pretty simple:

Every year we get together at DAC to talk about new tools and new methods to create more complex chips and systems.  But we never talk about the infrastructure needed to use these new methods and tools.  The Design Infrastructure Alley bridges the gap between potential and execution and allows IT Professionals, Engineers and EDA Suppliers to have a conversation about how best to enable Design.

In support of this vision, I’m excited to share with you the list of suppliers who have already signed up for exhibition space in the DIA.  There are several more “in the pipeline” who I can’t mention quite yet, but when we get them, this page will be updated!

SupplierFocus Area(s)Website
Alibaba CloudCloudwww.alibabacloud.com
Altair (Formerly RTDA)Grid Computing, Licensingwww.altair.com
Amazon Web ServicesCloudhttps://aws.amazon.com
CadenceGrid Computing, Cloudwww.cadence.com
Dell/EMCStorage Managementwww.dellemc.com
IBMGrid Computinghttp://www.ibm.com
MetricsGrid Computing, Cloudwww.metrics.ca
PalPilot InternationalGrid Computing, Cloudwww.palpilot.com
Pure StorageStorage ManagementPure Storage
Six Nines ITCloudhttp://sixninesit.com
Univa CorporationGrid Computingwww.univa.com

We are also working on panel sessions which you will not want to miss.  Have a topic you’d like to present?  Submit your abstract at this link!

Be sure to join us at DAC in San Francisco from June 24-28.  You will be able to get access to the Design Infrastructure Alley simply by registering using the “I Love DAC” promotion which gives you access to the show floor!

CELUG Co-Located Conference at DAC 2018

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This year’s CELUG Co-Located Conference at DAC will be held in conjunction with the Design Infrastructure Alley.  The Design-on-Cloud Pavilion located on the showroom floor will house all of the public talks, and we encourage anyone who wants to give a license specific talk on this stage.

However, there will be more sensitive topics such as roadmaps which are not as appropriate for the Design-on-Cloud Pavilion.  For those talks, we will be reserving a room on Tuesday, June 26.  While admission to the Design Infrastructure Alley will be covered by the “I Love DAC” free registration, the private CELUG presentations will require you to register as usual for the CELUG Co-Located Conference on the DAC site.  There will be a nominal fee for this, though it will be far less than what has been charged in the past.

There are slots available for CELUG Member Presentations!  The first preference is for them to be on the Design-on-Cloud Pavilion on the show floor, but if you are presenting on a topic that is not meant for a broad audience, the private room is an option as well.  Submit your abstracts for papers on the DAC site.

At this point, we have the following confirmed speakers for the CELUG private meeting room.

Julie Lesko / Steve DelAnsysAnsys License Roadmap
Sashi SubramanianCadenceCadence License Roadmap
Daniel GaleckiFlexeraFNMEA Roadmap
Matthew DunkleyFlexeraFNP Roadmap
Eric RaffiThe MathworksMathworks License Roadmap
Bela KirchbergerMentor GraphicsMentor License Roadmap
Rajendra KundapurSynopsysSCL Roadmap


Announcement: Design Infrastructure Alley at DAC 2018!

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This has been in the works for several months.  The vision we had was to take the great conversations we’ve been having about License Management at the CELUG Co-Located Conference at DAC and expand the scope to include other IT management topics specifically as it relates to managing Design Environments.

This is the year to go to DAC if you manage an HPC Environment in support of Engineering Workloads!  There will be Exhibitors as well as industry peers on hand to talk about how we better manage our existing environments, strengthen our security without compromising productivity, and talk about how we embrace new technologies such as Cloud Computing.

Be sure to see the official announcement on the DAC website.

Design IT Ecosystem at DAC 2018

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I am excited to announce that through partnership with the Electronic System Design Alliance, the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers and the Association of Computing Machinery there will be a portion of the Design Automation Conference in San Francisco, June 24-28, 2018 dedicated to the Design IT Ecosystem.

From the DAC website:

The electronic product design ecosystem is a critical driver of the multi-trillion dollar worldwide market for electronic products. Without powerful computers and automation tools that allow complex systems to be created and designed, new and innovative electronic products would never make it to market.

But, there’s more to the story. Behind the scenes of every electronic product design effort is a team of professionals, along with sophisticated hardware and software, that insure that the computing bandwidth, availability, licensing, security and storage needs are in place so that project teams can stay on schedule. The Design IT Ecosystem is made up of the professionals who manage these complex computing resources and the hardware and software products and services that are required so that design teams can accomplish their mission.

At DAC 2018 in San Francisco, there will be five focus areas added to the discussion:

  • License Management
  • Grid Computing
  • Storage Management
  • Data Security
  • Cloud Computing

These Design IT Ecosystem topic areas are being introduced as a key component of the broader electronic design ecosystem that is at DAC’s core.


Information for suppliers interested in becoming exhibitors can be found here:

Link to the Exhibitor info for the Design IT Ecosystem at DAC 2018

More information coming for participants soon

If you want to join the conversation as a participant or IT practitioner, stay tuned.  We’ll have more information on how you can participate or even present a paper soon!

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