2017 CELUG Member’s Only Dinner at Banger’s in Austin

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Come and enjoy some great sausage and beer in this uniquely Austin establishment!  CELUG Members can gather the night before the conference to chat, catch up or introduce themselves before the festivities begin on Tuesday.  You’ll probably want to bring some comfortable attire, as this will be an outdoor seating arrangement in Texas.  Lots of locals (and their dogs!) like to come here for some good food, music and beer.  Vegetarian options are available.

2017 CELUG Conference Details

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This year’s CELUG Co-Located Conference at DAC will run all day Tuesday, June 20 and Wednesday, June 21 for all participants.  Thursday, June 22 will run from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm for CELUG members only.  Lunch will be served Tuesday and Wednesday but NOT on Thursday.

There’s still time to register here:  http://dac.com/registration.

Here are the speakers we have for the event.  A schedule with times will be posted at the conference.

Speaker Name Company Topic
Andrea Casotto Runtime Design Automation License Monitor
Eistein Fosli OpenIT License Analyzer
Mitch Richling Texas Instruments
Nicole Trindade Qualcomm Using Splunk to Analyze

and Optimize License Usage

Bob van der Kloot Teradyne
Rajendra Kundapur Synopsys Synopsys Roadmap
Sashi Subramanian Cadence Cadence Roadmap
Bela Kirchberger Mentor Graphics Mentor Roadmap
Julie Lesko and

Steve Del

Ansys Ansys Roadmap
Eric Raffi The Mathworks Mathworks Roadmap
TBD Flexera Flexnet Publisher Roadmap
Daniel Galecki Flexera Flexnet Manager for

Engineering Applications Roadmap

John Harms Mentor Graphics / ESDA ESDA License Management

and Antipiracy Committee

TBD Splunk Using Splunk for “Big Data” Analytics in Licensing
Stephanie Chou Keysight / ESDA Platform Committee Keysight Roadmap

ESDA Platform Roadmap

Dave Reynolds BAE License CM and DFARs




CELUG/EDAC Evening Networking Event at DAC 2016

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All aboard!  On Wednesday after the conference, we will board busses to take us to the shores of Lady Bird Lake where we will board The Lone Star Riverboat to take a cruise around Austin.  The ship offers a covered lower deck with air conditioning and an uncovered upper deck for viewing the famous Austin bats on the Congress Street Bridge.

This is a great opportunity for you to network with the conference goers and go into more depth on topics you heard about during the day.  The open atmosphere lets you engage many different people in an intimate atmosphere, without being stuck in the same seat all night as in a traditional sit-down dinner.

All attendees are invited.  Dinner will be Texas Barbecue (brisket, chicken and sausage).  Vegetarian options will be available.  Beer and wine will be served.


2016 CELUG Co-Located Conference at DAC

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Registration is OPEN:

Register for the CELUG Conference here

We have an exciting lineup of speakers and topics this year.  The schedule is currently in “wet cement”, but is rapidly solidifying.

Tuesday, June 7

Speaker Affiliation Topic
Julie Lesko / Steve Del Ansys Ansys Roadmap
Eric Raffi The Mathworks Mathworks Roadmap
Bela Kirchberger Mentor Graphics Mentor Roadmap
Sashi Subramanian Cadence Cadence Roadmap
Rajendra Kundapur Synopsys Synopsys Roadmap
Steve Summers National Instruments NI Roadmap
Bob Smith EDAC/ESDA ESDA Intro
John Harms EDAC/ESDA ESDA-LMA Committee Presentation
Breakout Session All Machine Certification

Wednesday, June 8

Speaker Affiliation Topic
Stephanie Chou EDAC/ESDA OS Survey
Stephanie Chou Keysight EESOF Roadmap
Mohamad Rahin Keysight KLM Roadmap
Lori Erickson Flexera FNMEA Documentation
Matt Christiano Reprise RLM Roadmap
Tu Le Flexera FNP Roadmap
Daniel Galecki Flexera FNMEA Roadmap
Natalie Overstreet Flexera FNM Reporting Workshop

Thursday, June 9 (CELUG Members Only)

Speaker Affiliation Topic
Michael Jassowski Intel Demand Forecasting
Bob Van der Kloot Teradyne Licensing Challenges in a Batch Environment
Dave Reynolds BAE Systems Multi-homing License Servers using LISP
Derek Magill CELUG Member’s Round Table

Working session:  Implementation of Machine Certification

  • The EDA Consortium is exploring implementation of Machine Certification, a mechanism to limit unchecked HostID Duplication (and software piracy, intentional or unintentional).  This working session will gather thoughts from CELUG members as well as suppliers on how this might be implemented and what the operational considerations of some proposals might be.

Workshop:  Flexnet Manager Advanced Reporting

  • Get a first look at new reporting functionality being released in FNMEA as Flexera brings in a reporting expert.


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